Grow Your Small Business

We get it: Small businesses owners wear a lot of hats. That makes it difficult to focus on important things like marketing and sales. Listifer can help. It's an inexpensive, easy-to-use growth app for small businesses like yours.

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Listifer in :30

Enter a location and a keyword. Find new customers. Grow your small business. Listifer is one helluva good marketing tool.

Why Listifer?

"Expensive, impractical, and ineffectual." This is how the small business owners we've spoken with describe many marketing tools and ad channels. We think this is entirely fair.

By combining the interests we publicly share every day on social media with publicly-available contact data, Listifer helps small businesses find new customers in an easy, inexpensive way. This is Listifer's primary purpose, goal, and core value.

How does it work?

Listifer is a real-time data aggregation application.

When a user runs a search, Listifer combines the interests people publicly share on social media with publicly-available contact data. After a search concludes, users can review matches and connect with people they feel are appropriate customer prospects.

Listifer operates in full compliance with CAN-SPAM and, with a few minor caveats, CCPA and GDPR. Email us at [email protected] for more information.